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Biography of Master Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên  (Excerpt from the book “Vô Vi Meditation Method”)

Master Lương Sĩ Hằng was born on 20 December, 1923 (the 13th day of the 11th lunar month, Year of the Hog) in Qui Nhon, in the province of Binh Dinh, Viet Nam. His father was Mr. Lương Thâm, his mother was Mrs. Lâm Thị. His parents had four boys and four girls. In his youth, he was often ill, so he often felt disillusioned. After the upheavals of the celestial mechanism, i.e., the extremely dangerous storms and floods in the central part of Viet Nam, which destroyed homes and turned them to rubble, he started researching the spiritual mysteries of Heaven and Earth. Later on, he married and had two adopted daughters.

In 1957, he had the opportunity to meet Master Đỗ Thuần Hậu (1883-1967). Master Do initiated him to the Vô Vi Method of Esoteric Science and Dharma of Buddha, a meditation method that can be practiced at home (Parallel Practice of Social and Spiritual Life). He also taught him with great dedication.

In 1978, with the mission to spread the dharma and bring spiritual guidance to the world, Master Luong left Viet Nam and came to the refugee camp in Fabella, the Philippines. There, he helped cure the sick people in the refugee camp as well as the Filipino officials with his acupuncture skills. During his stay in the Philippines, he would distribute all the donations he received to other refugee camps like Bataan, Palawan as well as Fabella. In addition, he spent his time to explain and give lectures about the Vô Vi meditation method to the Vietnamese people in the refugee camps.

In 1979, Master Luong left the refugee camp to settle in Montreal, Canada. Every year, following the invitations of  Vô Vi friends, Master Luong traveled many countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and America to give spiritual lectures. In spite of his high age, he was never deterred by fatigue and hardships, and continued to travel everywhere to spread the dharma to the Vietnamese people, to help everyone find the path toward tranquility and soul liberation. All the lectures of Master Luong were recorded by volunteers into audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc, and were also published as books by the Vô Vi Friendship Associations.  

Master Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên departed this world on 23 September 2009 (the 5th day of the 8th lunar month, Year of the Ox) in Montreal, Canada. His departure was an immense loss, and left many loving and respectful memories in the hearts of Vô Vi practitioners all around the world.

Meditation...  (Excerpt from the book “The Source of Infinite Guidance”, Author: Master Lương Vĩ Kiên)

After days of unending struggle in life, everyone is tired and wishes to have some time for rest and relaxation, but no one knows about a good Dharma to practice and develop his spiritual consciousness. Therefore, we must turn our mind toward money, love, and sentimental karmic relations; we keep being tormented in our inner consciousness until we become ill without a way to escape. We have already entered a historical period of agitation, and we will endure more times of extreme suffering due to upheavals of the celestial mechanism.  Humans will start to research the original principle of survival of Heaven and Earth. Once we understand that all agitation will eventually return to order, we will appreciate the harmonization of our inner order with the order of Heaven and Earth.  We will accept to find a way of self-liberation, i.e., a path of spiritual cultivation. We will devote ourselves to spiritual cultivation to rectify ourselves in an orderly manner. We will attain serenity by our own efforts. Only meditation will bring us equilibrium and enlightenment, in order to further develop the mystical aspects of our inner consciousness.

We have a unique opportunity with our human body and our infinitely lively brain. We will gain a light and pure mind if we are determined to detach ourselves from our preconceived opinions. If we practice meditation with sincerity, we will release the karma in our heart. We curl our tongue and keep the incisors against the incisors to invoke the mantra Nam Mô A Di Da Phat, until we can focus our energy on the top of our head, at the cranial psychic center. When our vital energy is concentrated at the cranial psychic center, our spiritual energy will project out and harmonize with the energy of the universe. At that time, our soul will awaken to the subtle and mystical nature of Heaven and Earth, and devote itself to spiritual practice, and our mind and body will achieve peace and tranquility. When we harmonize with the pure energy of Heaven and Earth, our voice will become harmonious and able to touch people's hearts. 

Only by practicing a correct meditation method, which releases the impure energy and preserves the pure energy, will we be able to achieve the goodness of Heaven and Earth in our work. We will provide infinite guidance to humanity through the true and sincere words coming from our life experiences. Only through meditation will we be able to focus our energy; only spiritual energy can harmonize with the sphere of energy. We will develop our supernatural consciousness to unite with the pure and sublime Light of Compassion of the Omnipotent Lord of Great Compassion. We will dedicate ourselves to the service of humanity. We will develop our spiritual consciousness toward infinity – beyond any frontier and any limitation. We will truly realize love and spiritual virtue.

How fortunate to be able to listen to this Method of Meditation for Self-Awakening, i.e., the Vo Vi Method of Esoteric Science and Dharma of Buddha, a method for all methods. Only through its practice will we arrive at a fresh and illuminated place in Heaven and Earth.


Master Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên at the Hai Không Meditation Center


(Excerpt from the videotape “The Practice of Vo-Vi Meditation" realized in Boston Massachusetts in the year 1994)  

My name is Hang Si Luong. I was born on November 13, 1923, in the province of Qui Nhon, Vietnam, I came from a family with many children. At that time, the society I lived in was deficient in every aspect. My mind was always preoccupied with how to grow up and help my family. As a boy, my school attendance was often interrupted by ill-health.  I found that there was no opportunity for advancement, and I considered myself fortunate to have lived until the age of 30. However, I continued to live and all I saw was suffering on life’s path. Everywhere I saw suffering. Everyone was suffering. Vietnam was a country full of suffering.  When there were kings, only the kings were enjoying life, while the common people experienced hardship. If they were lucky, they would survive. Otherwise, they would die. And life went on.

I started different business ventures, and worked hard, but I was never successful, and became depressed.  I then questioned myself: What is life? Why does mankind never reach happiness? Humans are born to live together, but they are competing against each other, and don’t know how to love each other. My mind was then searching for God and the Buddhas.  Who are God and the Buddhas? They are the supreme lightness of the upper spheres.  Who is Buddha? Buddha is a person who has freed himself from suffering and all karmic worries to return to his pure and serene nature.

I kept thinking about God and the Buddhas, the sacred scriptures, and the people who have dedicated their lives to spiritual perfection.  When I listened to the Buddhist scriptures, I felt very attracted, but I didn’t understand the reason. My mind was constantly involved in philosophical thinking. Then I noticed a change in  my friend. His face was brighter and his eyes were livelier every day, and he talked in a very wise manner.  I asked him how he had improved himself.  He told me that he practiced meditation. At that time, I only enjoyed life’s pleasures, and never paid attention to spiritual matters. So, I was discouraged when hearing about his spiritual inclination.

I didn’t understand the meaning of spirituality. Then my friend introduced me to his Master,  Mr. Do Thuan Hau, (also called Mr Tu, 1887-1966), [who lived] in Dakao, Saigon.  When I met his Master, an elderly man, I was impressed by his very bright eyes and his intelligence. He spoke about God and the Buddhas, mountains, and waters. He spoke about many things that I could not understand. He spoke about my childhood.  He said that my family liked to dress me up like a little girl, and everyone was loving me and helping me a lot.

I was surprised how he could know about my childhood.  He must certainly be more pure and serene  than I am. I wanted to know why this person knew so many things. In order to find out, I decided to bring the best people  to test him.

Master Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên with his family

So I brought two friends, a hypnotist, and a magician.   We all came to visit him.  My young friend told him: Please Sir, I will hypnotize you. Then he started hypnotizing Mr. Tu. After a while, the elderly man said: I am an old man. Please have pity of me. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why do you want to hypnotize me?   But my friend kept attempting to hypnotize him. After a while, my friend felt that his eyes were red, and he saw all heaven and earth in red.  He became frightened . He pleaded for the elderly man to help him. Mr. Tu just smiled. He said: I already told you that I am old and worthless. You shouldn’t hurt me.   Do you understand what energy is now? Do you understand what fire is? The fire that you used to burn me didn’t burn me, so it came back to you. Just sit down quietly, and everything will return to normal. When my friend came back to normal, he bowed in front of the Master, and asked to become his student.  My other friend was a magician. He worked as a security guard for a movie theatre, and could be hit on the head without being harmed when he recited his magic words.  Mr. Tu told him that a monk’s spirit was walking around him. Did he want to eliminate the spirit, or keep living with him? My friend revealed that he had received a talisman in Cambodia to guard his life, and asked Mr. Tu to help him.

All three of us asked him to accept us as his students.  Mr. Tu said that we were three dangerous pals.   We had to follow an initiation ceremony and promised to dedicate our life to spiritual perfection.

My hypnotist friend made better progress than I did. When he saw light and so on, he was rewarded by the Master. I was the one who was corrected the most. I was told that I was inadequate  for spiritual practice, and that I should make great efforts. I just applied myself with dedication. I didn’t speak a word.  I just came to listen to his teachings, and kept practicing. I found that life was full of suffering. I practiced silently, day and night, all alone. My family was opposed to my spiritual practice, and everyone was rejecting me. Every day, I only ate one bowl of rice and a tomato to survive. I ate just enough to live and regain my original serenity. Day  and night, I only practiced in a corner, and didn’t even have a bed for sleeping. I began studying in 1957, and kept practicing until today.

I have encountered innumerable obstacles, both on the material and spiritual planes. But my mind is resolute to advance on the path of spiritual perfection.  In order to find happiness, man has to revitalize his spiritual nature. The body does not bring happiness. It is subject to illness and can’t resolve anything. Only the spiritual mind can resolve everything in a satisfactory manner. That is why I dedicate myself to spiritual perfection.

In Vietnam, many people came to my house to ask about spiritual matters. I answered all questions thoroughly.  Since then, I am never free. Once abroad, I have never stopped helping the Vietnamese people with their sorrowful heart. When leaving the homeland, everyone’s mind is burdened, and they would like to find more tranquility and happiness. For my part, I have attained very good results from my daily practice. I would like to present the method that I am currently practicing to humanity.

Man is searching for his innate abilities, and his own inner mental order, but he can’t understand himself. Every individual has potential in this universe. Our body is a microcosm composed of the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth with its five internal organs: heart, liver, stomach, lung, and kidneys, each having a color and light which provide the divine light and color. When we lose our serenity, we also lose the light in our inner consciousness. Only the practice of meditation will help us restore what we have lost.

We see clearly that life circumstances are our teacher. Despite all kinds of deprivation in this life, if we apply ourselves to attain serenity, and harmonize with everyone, we’ll have everything. Today, the Vietnamese people have traveled around five continents to find what they have lost during many previous lives.  People who are spiritually inclined will see clearly that they have lost their innate serenity.

In this materialistic society, the average person is attracted by material gains, and money is highly praised. But at last, only spirituality can release the sorrow hidden in his inner consciousness. Alas ! There are very few who understand the value of a serene soul.

Everyone carries his own worries without being able to resolve them. Serene people are spiritual people who have restored equilibrium to their body and mind, and whose energy can harmonize with the energy of the universe to produce pure and light vibrations.  If we cannot harmonize with the pure and light vibrations of the universe of light, we do not have serenity.   We are constantly torn by life’s actions and reactions. Our sensuous desires will have no limit, and they will lead us nowhere.

I have practiced the Vo-Vi method until today, and I see that people are too agitated, and lack patience. Therefore, we must apply the Vo-Vi meditation which I have been practicing and with which I experienced good results in order to restore balance and serenity in our inner consciousness.