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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Extract Lecture by Master Vi-Kien at the Seminar 3 - Day 1 - Vi-Kien Meditation Center, USA.


“Where does the technique of disentanglement come from? It comes from actions and reactions. We must turn hatred into gratitude. Only then will we be able to unblock ourselves.”

Therefore, today, the most important is the technique of spiritual cultivation. 

The more you practice spiritual cultivation, the more you see your mistakes, your procrastination since many existences, and not just in this existence.

We are infinitely evil, we think about gaining the upper hand, we think about wicked schemes, we think about rivalries and intransigence, destruction and killings. On the other hand, we do not think much about constructiveness.

Even between husband and wife, regardless of all the discussions and intimacy, there is not much constructiveness, but all rivalries and intransigence.

If you don't believe me, every time there is a rivalry or intransigence, you only need to mark a point, then you can see how many points within a day have occurred between husband and wife. Let's not even think about outsiders. 

Therefore, we practice the Vô Vi dharma to rectify ourselves. We practice the CONCENTRATION OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY to develop the energy at the center top of our head, so that we can project this energy and harmonize with the energy from the World Above, and receive at the same time the energy granted by the World Above.

By practicing the CYCLICAL BREATHING WITHOUT RETENTION, we utilize the pure energy of the whole universe to shine upon our heart and liver, so that we could develop ourselves and purify our impure energy through an infinite cleansing process, and eventually attain the equilibrium between the impure and pure spheres.

What is the purpose of MEDITATIVE CONTEMPLATION?

To restore equilibrium to our pure energy, to focus our energy to progress and ascend higher, in order to liberate our soul.

Therefore, the Vô Vi method is an accelerated and shortened method in order to provide spiritual salvation to you.

The earthly world has numerous things to attract you, it pulls you into argumentation based on rivalries and intransigence. Even if one is incapable, one still argues, one still wants to be right, one still wants to compete, and wrongly believes that one is intelligent. 

Because of these shortcomings, we live a decadent life on this earth until today.

We utilize our intelligence to serve unnecessary things, therefore we are blocked.

Once we return to serenity, we will see that we always do the right thing.

Our words will have no sound, our words will have no letters, this is the TRUTH that comes from changes in our spiritual consciousness.

Therefore, often, you think about words that are very noble, very subtle, and that you will be able to write very beautiful verses tomorrow, but eventually, you can only summarize a little bit.

Why so? Because of our impurities, we are unable to receive the subtleties, so humans are all limited. If we want to learn the TRUTH through our brains, we will always be limited, and we won't be able to develop it.

Therefore, the more we perfect ourselves spiritually, the more we see our procrastination. The more we perfect ourselves spiritually, the more we need a technique to disentangle ourselves.

Where does the technique of disentanglement come from? It comes from actions and reactions. We must turn hatred into gratitude. Only then will we be able to unblock ourselves.

If we don't know how to turn hatred into gratitude, we will never open ourselves and we will only hinder ourselves even more.

We accept whichever circumstances occur, as they all come from The Lord.

The Lord is educating us, He gives us a physical body formed by the supernatural, then He causes actions and reactions to test our spiritual heart at each hour, minute, and second, so that we would understand by ourselves, we would awaken ourselves, and we would march on our own. He will no longer lead the way.

He has already humbled Himself a lot by helping us to open our minds. 

We must march on our own. Therefore, through our efforts, each day, we will realize our own responsibility more clearly,  and we will perform a task for all tasks.

When you achieve enlightenment, the people around you will also hope to achieve enlightenment by following the technique that you have practiced.

Therefore, we should not hold on to the words of the Immortals, the words of the World Above, and praise them profusely while abandoning ourselves.

We have praised them for thousands of years. For millions of years. We only praise  the Enlightened Ones but we refuse to practice. 

Therefore, we must repent ourselves and carry out a spiritual revolution.

We must rectify our mistakes, and distinguish two parts within ourselves, our soul is the lucid part which can communicate with the World Above, it always behaves patiently and calmly, and it must project the flux of compassionate energy to the other part, the physical body, so that the body would work in a righteous manner, and develop itself in a timely manner.