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See your character by directing your mind at your true consciousness!


EXTRACT LECTURE BY MASTER VI-KIEN at the Meditation Center "Mai Binh" in Houston, Texas, on Nov. 19, 1988 (PART 2)


         Why do Vô-Vi practitioners need to meditate? What is the purpose of meditation? We meditate to restore order to our true consciousness. Only when we turn to our true consciousness, will we be able to see our character.

         See your character by directing your mind at your true consciousness!

         We will see our bad habits to correct them. The more we rectify ourselves, the better we will become.  The more we rectify ourselves, the more we will develop ourselves. The more we rectify ourselves, the lighter and purer we will become. As we become lighter and purer, we will be able to store more pure energy. Everywhere we go, we will only bring peace and harmony to all places and spheres.

We do not need tokowtow and ask for favors, but we must practice!

         To practice means to pray, to practice means to seek favors, to practice means to arrive at our goal. If we talk only without practicing, if we discuss theories and dissertations, this will lead us nowhere! Dissertations will eventually lead to impasses only. On the other hand, if we return to serenity, if we return to the great knowledge, there will be no deadlock.

Once the center top of your head has developed, and your pure energy has harmonized with the energy of the universe, you will be able to reach the state of meditative contemplation at any time.

         We will be serene while walking,  standing, and talking, because we clearly understand that we are borrowing our sounds from Heaven and Earth.

         We are borrowing our sounds from the generous public to describe all matters. Even our body is borrowed from the whole universe, from God. 

         What does practice mean? It means to exercise our consciousness. But do we use heavy practice or light practice? Heavy practice means to kill, to harm others, to bring calamities. Light practice means to help and save others, to develop ourselves toward infinity.

         Therefore, the more you meditate, the more you will remember me. Why so?When you reach the sphere of lightness, pure beings will harmonize with you, they will be your close friends, and they will never abandon you. Once we attain purity, we will only want to share with others and love others with compassion. For example, now that we have attained lightness through our meditation, we have no heart for cutting a flower, for harming a flower, and we love that flower. We do not want to act with cruelty. We even love a blade of grass. Why?

We are self-sufficient, we have attained equilibrium, we are light and pure. We are able to use the weapon of compassionate love and spiritual merit, i.e., Love, Compassion and Forgiveness.