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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Excerpt from the SEMINAR, "The Virtue of Patience and Resignation", at the VI KIEN MEDITATION CENTER, 16 April 1986

We practice patience and resignation, patience and harmony, to correct our own mistakes and ascend higher. The more we practice patience and resignation, the more we are able to return to serenity.

Therefore, the circumstances have pushed you to return to serenity. Every day, at every hour, minute, and second, your mind is being assailed by all kinds of matters, but they are all useless! But because of this, they cause actions and reactions, and push you to return to serenity.

Therefore, in the Buddhist temples, we see the teaching: “Turn hatred into gratitude”. The monks also say: “Turn hatred into gratitude”. The saints on earth also say: “Turn hatred into gratitude”. Why?

We see that this is a means to guide our soul, but if we refuse to practice, we will only encounter losses. How can we be better than others? If we don’t know ourselves, how can we be better than others?

Therefore, we must return to our existing central point, thus, I have encouraged you to practice love and forgiveness. Since thousands of years, Jesus Christ also urged humans to practice patience and resignation, love and forgiveness. The buddhas and immortals also practice patience and resignation. We are currently living in a world of agitation, but if we do not practice patience and resignation, how can we fully attain our true consciousness in order to release our impurities and make progress?

Eventually, you need to resolve your own problems. Therefore, there is a saying: “The husband who practices gets results; the wife who practices gets results”. Spiritual cultivation means to practice patience and resignation, to rectify oneself, to evolve higher. It means purity and lightness, love and forgiveness. 

Therefore, every day, we participate in this school of life, and we clearly see that our body is full of agitation, actions and reactions, at every hour, minute, and second. We observe whether our Master-Soul has the courage to regain the full power to govern this micro-universe.

Today, you possess a spiritual method to cultivate yourselves, to open your mind. You will realize: “I must utilize my determination, I must accept my responsibilities with courage to govern this micro-universe, which contains the twelve viscera, and all the best elements in my five organs. 

Internally, my body circulates without stopping, and I can develop my consciousness to focus my energy and relate with the whole universe. I have this potential, but I have not practiced yet. So how can I practice?”

Every day, once you open your eyes, you would face numerous agitated matters, actions and reactions.  If you practice patience and resignation, you will step back to see how you are being attacked. When you step back to see these attacks, you will nurture your will to ascend higher and you will overcome all these obstacles.