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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Remembering Our Founding Master, Mr. Do-Thuan-Hau

Poem by Master Vi-Kien (1995)

(Commemoration day: 11th day of 10th month in Lunar Calendar equivalent to: 4 November 2022, 23 November 2023, 11 November 2024)

When drinking water, one should remember its source,

Similarly, thanks to our Founding Master, we have a method to practice,

Through self-awakening, we liberate ourselves from earthly matters,

The wise ones will direct their thoughts to the World Above.

Our Founding Master has reached spiritual salvation and built the spiritual foundation,

To help humans in their spiritual progression with a steady faith,

Let’s analyze ourselves to release blindness and attain enlightenment,

Releasing infatuation and intransigence, let’s perfect ourselves continually,

This is how our Founding Master reaches infinite salvation,

Hữu Hiền has helped to build the Vô-Vi foundation,

We are deeply grateful toward Him in our consciousness,

As we strongly remember Him on the commemoration day of his death,

Let’s practice diligently every night,

In remembering Him, we develop ourselves with benevolent thoughts,

Directing our mind toward the infinite sphere of purity,

Let’s practice to arrive at the heavenly and noble scenery,

The great universe belongs to the heavenly sphere,

Let’s direct our thoughts there with sincerity and remember His teachings,

Let’s practice to evolve further and escape from blindness,

With a pure heart and mind, we practice in peace and contentment,

Our consciousness is enlightened and rejoices within purity,

Our Founding Master has advanced, and we must practice to follow His steps,

Together, we will advance steadily,

Abandoning earthly worries, we follow the spiritual path to build a happy and peaceful life,

Earthly life is temporary and a school for our spiritual training,

Directing our mind toward our Founding Master, we feel joyful peace and harmony.


Luong Si Hang

Sunnyvale, 19 October 1995