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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt


On this earth, everyone has to encounter hardship. Nobody is free of hardship! When Vo-Vi practitioners argue among themselves, they also attack each other. Being verbally attacked is a kind of hardship! When worldly people attack you, it will be even harsher. If we do not nurture our will to ascend higher, this situation will bring agitation and shatter our mind, and we will suffer! But if we know how to cultivate ourselves beforehand, if we are prepared, when our adversaries come, they cannot knock us down, and we will overcome it more easily!

Therefore, spiritual adepts have lesser hardship, because they have cleared their path. They see that the path of return (to the soul) is the righteous path, the path of staying on earth is the wrong path. Fights are meaningless, and only harm both sides. The path of ascension toward higher spheres will benefit both sides.

So, we have chosen our path. Once we are determined, we must preserve this path fully, and we will never accept to regress. We must ascend higher continually, because we are aware of our hidden potential. Science has proven to us that no one can create a human, neither soul nor body, and spiritual energy is strength. If there is no energy (electricity), there will be no sound, there will be no light, and no videotaping. But with electricity, one can videotape.

The Energy of the Sphere of Great Serenity shines from above onto this earth, and takes multiple forms to guide and save all living beings. This energy does not need any machinery! There is no need for machinery. Right at the central point on the top of your head, you can feel the pull of energy which harmonizes with the energy from above. This supernatural machine will shine and enlighten your consciousness, you will clearly see the path to go, but you must march on your own. You must discover by yourselves, and practice patience and resignation. 

If you do not practice patience and resignation, you won’t be able to discover your potential! If you say: Oh, I have to deprive myself and put great efforts into spiritual cultivation, but I am being attacked by people, so I feel really discouraged. It means that you lack patience and resignation. The word “Discouraged” means you lack patience and resignation. We cannot nurture the word “Discouraged” in our mind! We are never discouraged! If engineers and scientists are discouraged, we will never have civilization, we won’t have cassette tapes for recording, we won’t have video tapes to review our past actions! Therefore, the word “Discouraged” cannot apply to a spiritual adept.  

A spiritual adept must practice patience and resignation, so that they can evolve patiently and ascend higher. They should utilize the center point on top of their head, where the supernatural and infinite energy resides. This is why one cannot be discouraged! We could feel discouragement at the beginning of our practice. The adept could practice with difficulty because he holds on dearly to his heart-karma, and would become discouraged. But only because he does not know the method to disentangle himself!

Today, you have sufficient means, you know the technique to untangle yourselves. You understand clearly the principle of NAM MO A DI DA PHAT and you have awakened your consciousness. You see that you can help yourselves to become lighter. You should spend even more efforts. Then, you will discover all your existing potential, and you will open yourselves.

We will see that we have an everlasting path of progression within patience and resignation, and not within agitation. To cause agitation only means to lose! God is using agitated circumstances to forge our souls to evolve further.  

Therefore, we must maintain our role with our eternal consciousness, and dedicate ourselves to rectify our weaknesses. We should practice patience and resignation at the utmost, in order to be able to rebuild our spiritual foundation.