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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Lecture by Master Vi-Kien -  22  May 1986

Our mind is divided into several factions, and we do not unify our energy. Therefore, adversities can hit us at any time.

Question :

Dear Master, I wish to perfect myself spiritually since a long time, but my circumstances are hindering me. Could you let me know about my karmas from previous lifetimes? When would I be able to freely go to the Vô-Vi meditation center or meet with other Vô-Vi practitioners without encountering objections from my husband? I am also being bothered frequently by ghosts in our house. When I silently invoke Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat, they would go away, but I am still afraid. Currently, I worship the image of the Kwan Yin Boddhisattva, the statue of the Venerable GUAN YU, the statue of the God of Wealth and so on. Please advise…

Answer by Master Vi-Kien:

Earthly people usually hold wrong beliefs and are ignorant about their own mistakes. They are not honest with themselves. Therefore, they tend to worship whatever other people advise them to do. 

Eventually, they do not comprehend the value of a Saint, they don’t comprehend the value of a Boddhisattva, the value of a Buddha, the value of God.

These Higher Beings are already liberated, so they are not dependent on anyone, and we cannot easily give them orders! We are not capable of giving them orders. When we place statues in our home, and pray and worship them, neither the Buddha nor God will come! Instead, our greed will come, i.e., our impure heart. Impurity will attract impurity, so the ghosts will take residence. They will cause agitation and wrong beliefs.

When there are unsolvable problems in your family, and you are agitated, you should practice the silent invocation of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat. Doing so regularly will help you release your karma more and more each day. Then, you should maintain your faith and keep going forward, until you can achieve the return to unity. All 3 spheres (Upper, middle, lower) must become one and your energy focused on the top of the head. At that time, you will relate to the three spheres in the universe. You will attain the spiritual light of self-awakening, and you will no longer encounter misfortunes caused by your wrong beliefs and fears.

Therefore, you must persevere in the practice of the mental invocation of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat. Consequently, I have carefully prepared an audio tape of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat to help everyone. Even those who do not know about spiritual practice, or do not meditate, can still practice the silent invocation of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat to unite the energies of their 3 spheres. At that time, we will truly become aware of God and the Buddhas. Otherwise, we will only talk about God and the Buddhas, but we take advantage of them. We act wrongly but we do not acknowledge our mistakes, so we even fool ourselves. Whom are we asking for help? We ask the Buddha for help. But the Buddha is a liberated being, He is already light, so we are not even aware when He comes. If we are not light, how can we be conscious of lightness? When we are light, we will no longer be intransigent. We will no longer hold to infatuation nor intransigence in worldly affairs, and we will be able to harmonize with the Buddha.

Our Vô-Vi practice is the cultivation of spiritual energy. Spiritual energy differs from the physical body. Our energy controls our body. Once our energy is light and elevated, we will become aware of the World Above and the Higher Beings who are living among us. Don’t be fooled anymore! Do not worship all kinds of things and bring suffering upon yourself!

You will only become more and more agitated. When you pray and ask for favors from the Kwan Yin, from the Buddha, you only send impure energy, and the ghosts who reside there will enjoy it. They will govern our six sensorial roots and will cause the whole family to become crazy.

Therefore, I have recommended people to install a Vô-Vi mirror. God and the Buddhas will be there with our sincere heart. When our heart is sincere, we are opening a meditation center in our heart. We are opening an altar in our heart. We are opening a church in our heart. We are opening a temple in our heart. Every day, we will dedicate ourselves to spiritual perfection and will not dare to commit wrongdoings.

At that time, we will see that we are close to the Buddha and the Immortals. If we keep following the external images, we will depend on external circumstances, and we will never make progress. Regardless of your method of spiritual perfection, you will not be able to make progress and will only become dependent. At the moment of death, you won’t know what to do, and will just be frantic!

In contrast, with the Vô-Vi method, we are dispersing the impure energy and preserving the pure energy, so we are no longer holding to the impure energy. I must return to my old homeland at any cost, which is the place of purity and lightness. You are currently breathing the pure energy here, so you feel light and pure. Nothing is heavy now, so why don’t you accept to live contently and leisurely with this purity and lightness?

We should abandon all the desires and agitation from the earthly world. We already order our astral body to work in order to earn a living. This is sufficient. But our heart is always light. We should not make up stories, we should not learn gossiping, it will only bring agitation and no other benefit. Does it help you at all? It only hurts you.

Each day, you will continue further in your delusion, and you don’t know a method for advancement. Then, when other people show you how to worship this and that, you would follow them. But what is the use of worshipping? When you worship your parents with an insincere heart, your parents will not come. As parents while alive, if your children do not respect you, if they do not show true respect and offer you a cake, you won’t be willing to eat it. So, don’t expect that your parents will come when they are dead if you are not sincere. 

When we perfect ourselves spiritually, we will attain this sincere heart. We are conscious of our parents. We are conscious of God and the Buddhas. So, when we think about these Higher Beings, they will come and enjoy our own share of pure energy. Only with a truly sincere heart, only with loyalty and filial piety, will we be able to advance and elevate ourselves. Many people still delude themselves. They wrongly hold to their beliefs. They claim that they worship The Buddha very carefully, but they still encounter misfortune. So, you must abandon this way.

All people on earth are carrying an impure body, which brings misfortune. We don’t know when it will happen. We are full of greed and desires, full of agitation, so we don’t know when adversities will hit us. In addition, our mind is divided into several factions, and we do not unify our energy. Therefore, adversities can hit us at any time.

Now, you have the method of Mental Invocation of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat to unify your energy! You must gather your purity and lightness. When agitation comes, when misfortune arrives, you must abandon these, you must detach yourselves. Then, you will no longer be subject to adversities. If you are still holding to the actions and reactions of life, then adversities will continue to torment you. They will endanger you and cause you to lose your lucidity.