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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt


Various Lecture Extracts By Master Vi-Kien


We perfect ourselves spiritually by practicing charity as well as developing our enlightenment, and not by practicing charity only.

To practice charity means that our physical body must be orderly. Then we will abandon the stinginess in our mind, and we will develop a compassionate heart. Whenever we encounter a situation needing help, we will help immediately without refusing it. This means to practice charity. When we are ready to help others this time, we will harvest blessings the next time.

To develop enlightenment means to develop our spiritual energy, so that it can communicate with the main flux of energy of the universe, then we will be able to evolve clearly. Therefore, Vô Vi practitioners who have practiced steadily, will feel the pull of energy of the top of their head when listening to my lectures. This is the proof that you are able to relate with the central flux of energy. When you have truly attained the state of meditative contemplation, you will only see a bright light.


If we can perfect ourselves spiritually by both practicing charity and cultivating enlightenment, this is good. Our Vô Vi way of spiritual perfection is different.

Usually, to practice charity means that I will help any person who is suffering that I may encounter. To cultivate enlightenment means, that I dedicate myself to search for my spiritual origin, to see my true original nature, to see my own faults. This means to cultivate enlightenment.

Right now, you are practicing charity by raising your children and helping your husband. When you are fully dedicated to your family, it already means to practice charity. In addition, if we can help suffering people outside the family, this also means to practice charity.

To cultivate enlightenment means to rectify ourselves and perfect ourselves spiritually. Do you see it? We cultivate our consciousness and rectify our character in order to understand ourselves, to understand our own mistakes, our own procrastination. Then we will clearly see our bad character and bad habits. First, we have to see our bad character and bad habits clearly before expressing the vow to sacrifice these vices. What does it mean to sacrifice our vices? Spiritual liberation! Is it clear?
If you still hold to your bad character and bad habits, you will still be stuck!                                                             


You clearly see the path of spiritual perfection. We must cultivate ourselves by both practicing charity and practicing enlightenment.

To practice charity means that every day, you go to work and contribute to society. You earn money to provide for yourself and your family. This already means to practice charity. In addition, if you also learn to practice patience, you will have plenty of blessings, and do not need to beg for more.

In order to attain enlightenment, you must turn to the World Above. You must turn toward the infinite lucidity. This lucidity will contribute to your existing lucidity. It will help to awaken your spiritual consciousness, i.e., it will light up your inner lantern, and you will be able to shine light on your own path. Why do I keep reminding you to practice the mental invocation of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat at the central psychic center on the top your head? In order to develop our existing lucidity. The vibrations are like a spiritual lamp with sublime rays of light, which can be used in any situation, in harmony with the soul.


Spiritual perfection by practicing both charity and enlightenment.

You have spent efforts to contribute your spiritual work for Vô-Vi , but if you refuse to abandon rivalries and intransigence in your inner consciousness, then all these contributions are useless.

The divine blessings want to come to you, but you close your door, so how can you still receive these blessings? Enlightenment wants to open your consciousness, but you are too agitated to achieve enlightenment. You should immediately return to the right path, you should pity your own selves, you should love your own selves. You should respect and love the intricate organism that God has granted to you, you should cherish this original structure, and nurture your consciousness in order to develop your tolerance and ascend higher.

How precious and fortunate we are! Today, I still have the opportunity to talk to you and send you my words of wisdom within love and compassion, to remind each individual, so that everyone may awaken and return to their existing true knowledge.


What does it mean to cultivate oneself spiritually by practicing charity?

God has given you this physical body, this organism, these brains. Your soul is residing in this physical body. But you do not understand that this is a blessing. This is a blessing from the Great Creator Who gives us this body. If we destroy our body, we will lose the divine blessings. To cultivate oneself spiritually by practicing charity means to care dutifully for the well-being of our body, to think righteously, to eat healthily, to act righteously. If we do not bring evil into ourselves, then our blessings will persist. Do you see it?

What does enlightenment mean? The soul must be free in order to develop enlightenment. However, we accumulate too many infatuations and intransigence, too many karmic relations. We are blinded by intransigence and infatuation. For example, we even criticize a Buddha. We say, I like this Buddha, I like this Immortal, but I hate the other Buddha. This is completely wrong. This is the wrong way to perfect oneself spiritually! So how can one achieve enlightenment? There is only one path, which is clear and unique. Either the pure or the impure.

I originally come from the pure world and descend onto earth. Now I must return to the sphere of extreme purity and serenity. The Immortals and the Buddhas reside there, and nowhere else! Let’s not say, I really adore this Buddha. Let’s not say, I belong to this religion, and I hate the other religion. This is wrong! There is only one spiritual path. All religions lead to the same path: Soul liberation and ascension. We must advance toward infinity. Only then will we understand the meaning of blessings and enlightenment.

To cultivate oneself spiritually by practicing charity means that I understand that my presence is formed from the supernatural.   I must ask my inner self numerous questions. I have to ask whether I have contributed anything to the blessings that The Divine Father has given me? The Lord has given me plenty of blessings, but have I contributed any blessings to this earthly world? Have I developed my compassion, my compassionate energy? Have I accepted to harmonize and sympathize with everyone, or am I still stubborn and intransigent? The more stubborn and intransigent you are, the more God will knock you down. Sufferings. Unable to cultivate oneself spiritually. Unable to meditate. Unable to sleep. The more occupied your mind is, the more failures you will encounter. This is due to your stubborn and intransigent nature, which is infatuated, blinded, obscure. You are presented with a spiritual opportunity but do not know how to use this opportunity. This will lead to failure!