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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Message of Master Vi-Kien for the Year of the Tiger

Extract from the lecture "New Year's Wishes for the Year of the Tiger", Hong Kong, 11 January 1986.


People believe that the Year of the Tiger is a ruthless year, with many upheavals! If we lack serenity, the Tiger will be ready to prey on us and devour us.

         But if we are serene, even if we are being devoured by the Tiger, we will see it as an opportunity to progress and evolve further. In spite of the assaults, the robberies, all these will cause serenity for us. In contrast, earthly people are afraid of the Tiger, but a Vô Vi practitioner never fears a Tiger. The Vô Vi practitioner can walk in the bowels of the Tiger, he can walk in the brains of the Tiger, and still escapes from the Tiger, with his spiritual energy!

         Therefore, we are currently practicing the Vô Vi method in order to return to our enlightened soul. We will no longer worry about worldly affairs. We only worry that we lack the willingness to utilize our innate power, which is Compassion and Forgiveness. 

When we know how to love compassionately and forgive, we are holding the key to overcome all difficulties in life, nothing is worth to worry about, nothing is worth to blame, as we will clearly see the related karma. We have pity for whoever seizes the most from us, because they are now holding an insolvable karma of the heart.

This adverse effect is the weapon of The Lord Who has drowned their consciousness, they will have to learn heavier lessons, then, they will evolve but at a much slower pace.

On the other hand, we are practicing how to come on earth with Emptiness and how to return to Emptiness. So, we always feel content and we are not weighed down by worries and grief.

I hope that with all the decades added to your life, you will be able to continue your work successfully, as you have done so for many days and many hours.

And you will be able to surmount this Year of the Tiger. Let's pass through it within serenity, let's walk through it with clarity of mind!

This physical body is not yours, only your spiritual consciousness belongs to you! Your consciousness encompasses the whole universe, no one can steal it, you must return there and find peace there. You will discover that our beloved Father has always lived in our spiritual consciousness, but we have refused to pay homage to Him, because we have refused to return to our innate serenity. If you accept to return to your serenity, Father and Child will embrace each other within glory and openness.

Regardless of how ruthless the Tiger is, it won't be able to eat your soul. It can only borrow your body, but your consciousness is infinite. All upheavals of the Celestial Mechanism follow the will of the Divine Father to educate us, so that we may evolve further. We must persevere in our spiritual perfection. We are grateful for the circumstances which are our teacher.

Life circumstances are our school with multiple tests. Let's learn and let's get tested! Do not kowtow anymore, let's return to our own serenity! The more we practice, the earlier we will achieve success.

We should not pray for favors and form new desires, because we have created karma since many existences. We should release our karma and return to our true spiritual heart; this would be more appropriate.

The school of life has given me many challenges: scenes of extreme felicity, and scenes of utmost misery. I have laughed my head off, I have cried my eyes out, do you see it? Sometimes I had plenty to eat, other times I was hungry, do you see it? A human being has all kinds of abilities.

Thus, when we clearly understand, we will only apply ourselves to spiritual practice. Many Vô Vi friends ask for my presence, they love and respect me, and this is also a form of spiritual training!

Since you have practiced the Vô Vi method, you have seen the value of your own purity and lightness, and you wish to meet the embodiment of that purity and lightness in order to clearly comprehend the value of true compassion.

This wish is understandable, but I can only be present and help in accordance with the karmic opportunities. If you strive to practice hard, then where would I be? Naturally, I would be inside yourselves!

Since our beloved Divine Father resides inside yourselves, when I search for Him, I would search for you, and not someone else. I am currently living inside your compassionate nature.

We cannot be separated, because we all step into the ocean of compassion of the Lord. We are currently swimming in the ocean of love, we live within compassionate love and forgiveness, so how can we be separated?

Indeed, I often create trials and challenges, to see how you react with your consciousness? Are your inner waves calm now? Is your inner ocean pure and serene? Or is it agitated?

Therefore, there were many challenges so that you could realize that I never fear to travel here and there, to preach the truth: within birth, there is death, within death, there is birth. There is never destruction!

We exist forever, we advance and evolve forever, we work constructively forever, without stopping. You should not disregard yourselves because of your old age, and you should not disdain yourselves because of your youth, because our spiritual consciousness is equal regardless of age, and we should embrace it and live with it.

Today is the first day of the year, the first day of the Vietnamese Tet, numerous Vô Vi friends have practiced meditation to send their New Year's wishes to the Lord and directed their thoughts toward me.

During the whole night, we have worked together, so I need to add this lecture, so that you would have the opportunity to open your consciousness and whisper with me. Together, we will advance within spiritual virtue and compassionate love, and we will resolutely develop our innate spiritual consciousness toward infinity.

To save ourselves and to save others, this is the only way to save the suffering and to spread joy.