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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Video Clip -  First Day of the Lunar New Year of the Fire Dog (2006) at the Vô Vi Center in Westminster (Tru So Xay Dung)

Vô Vi practitioner:

We wish you health and happiness.

We thank you for coming here on the New Year's day to meet us...

We are very touched because of your high age and failing health... We love you so much...

This is a big encouragement for us...

Thank you, Thank you.

Master Vĩ Kiên:

Thank you for assembling here with a sincere heart and to welcome me so warmly. I am very touched.

I am very happy, and I see that everyone is happy on this New Year's day.

This year, you will have the opportunity to spend more efforts to practice and continue your spiritual progress.

Like the poem I have said.

With the New Year of the Fire Dog, a fortunate opportunity has arrived,

I wish that you will practice the true dharma diligently,

One year of spiritual progress, one year of joy,

This year is our 2nd joyful meeting. We will have many more happy ones....

Today, all the Vô Vi personalities are present...

Vô Vi practitioner: Please give us one more sentence....

Master Vĩ Kiên:

Let's work constructively together to enjoy

                           the spiritual fragrance through our own efforts.

When one practices the Vô Vi dharma, one is no longer blocked, one can develop oneself infinitely.

We will have a Vô Vi convention in Bangkok, we will be even happier there.

I have personally selected a good place for our Vô Vi friends.

This is a five star hotel.

A very good one, the general manager is from Switzerland.

You will rejoice with me next time in Bangkok.

I sincerely thank you for your presence.