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(Extract Q&A Session with Master Vi-Kien at the Meditation Center in Giessen, Germany, 23 June 1988)


In the Audio Tape Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat, you mentioned that we need to develop and unblock the six energy points?

Answer by Master Vi-Kien:

In order to unblock the six chakra centers, we must practice.

About the 6 energy points, when we invoke "NAM" concentrates here (between the eyebrows), I have explained the 6 points. It was explained in the Vo-Vi books, and I also explained numerous times in my lectures. A beginner in the Vo-Vi practice must see and understand the 6 energy points which are central to the body.

If the 6 chakra points are still blocked, we cannot become a true disciple of Buddha.

It is easy to say "I will come in to pray, to bow before Buddha, I am his disciple, a disciple of Buddha", but if one does not know how to admire the actions of Buddha, how can one become a Buddha? As a human being, Buddha understood the sufferings of his own body, as well as the sufferings of humanity in order to make sacrifices and abandon his karma of heart.

He did not even care about eating and drinking. Once enlightened, He came back to guide and save his family, and humankind. He fulfilled all his responsibilities.

Nowadays, we have more abundant material means than the Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, in the past. He went into the forest to perfect himself spiritually, because He had the means, his wife and child were taken care of by his country. 

Nowadays, society provides for us, we have a job, and we harmonize with our environment, our professional job. Even when we encounter issues, our own successes and failures, we return to the equilibrium of our soul. We dedicate ourselves to spiritual perfection with equal practice on both social and spiritual paths.

Buddha has given us a legacy to help our soul and to develop ourselves equally on both social and spiritual planes. Buddha is not evil-minded to require us to abandon society and become a recluse on a mountain, then who would work?

How can we develop ourselves spiritually, how can we transform ourselves and evolve further? Do you see it? Therefore, we must apply the principle of equal practice on both social and spiritual paths.

As a proof, we see that after enlightenment, the Lord Buddha came back to help his wife as well as his child attain spiritual perfection. Do you see it?

He also helped His father understand how to return to Heaven. How to do it? He reminded His Father about His crown, i.e., one needs to remember one's consciousness in order to return to Heaven.

Do you see it? If one remembers sexuality, one will go to Hell. We should understand this point.

The Lord Buddha taught very carefully through each of His actions, but profane people did not understand. They thought The Lord Buddha was marvelous, His face was so beautiful. They only venerated His picture, but they did not know how to admire His actions.

The Lord Buddha was a human being turned into a Buddha. An Immortal was also a human turned into an Immortal. So now, as a human being, why do we turn into an animal? 

Why do we hold onto our animal character? Why don't we cultivate the seeds of love and compassion in order to evolve further, to liberate ourselves and no longer depend on this impure world? The Lord Buddha has succeeded and left a legacy of thousands of years, but people did not understand. They glorified Him too much, and venerated Him, but they did not see that Buddha and they were the same.

Therefore,  Vo-Vi practitioners must perfect themselves spiritually in order to become a Buddha. They must make great sacrifices. Only by sacrificing our bad habits and bad character, will we be able to clearly release our karma of heart.

Once you have released your karma of heart, you will live within relaxation and serenity.

It means that you have stepped into the entrance of the sphere of Buddha.

From there, you will continue your ascension with a well-balanced consciousness, and you will no longer be stuck in intransigence and infatuations.

Therefore, in this earthly world, you grow up in a family, then you want to get married, you enter into marital arguments, then you raise children. There are many more events...

All these actions and reactions are now overfilling our mind.

But since we practice the Vo-Vi method, we see that we have released these issues.

We see that we generate our own mistakes, neither our wife nor our children, but ourselves. When we see that we are guilty of our own mistakes, we will have the opportunity to restore order.

The whole world is right, only we are wrong. Why do we say that this whole world is right? 

If the whole world, the intelligent minds of humans are not right, if they do not cooperate, how can I have a house to discuss spiritual matters with you here? 

I won't have a house. Now I have a bed, I have clothing, but I did not make them. Other people made them for me.

During a meal, I eat all kinds of foods, and the grain of rice has sacrificed for me, it has the virtue of a Boddhisattva. It keeps sacrificing endlessly to provide me warmth and nourishment. Even when an animal wishes to live together with a human, it must sacrifice its blood and bones in order to live inside a human.

Same with a piece of vegetable, we see their daily virtue of a Boddhisattva. We are confronted with the virtue of a Boddhisattva, but we are not yet able to develop that virtue ourselves. 

When you eat the vegetables, you are chewing and grinding them, but they are reborn inside your body, and they help to give you warmth and nourishment.

These aliments sacrifice everything to give you warmth and nourishment. You receive the virtue of a Boddhisattva in your consciousness, but you do not know how to act like a Boddhisattva.

We must dedicate ourselves, make sacrifices and practice merit and spiritual virtue to be a Boddhisattva. If we are still calculating, if we are filled with infatuations and intransigence, if we are still agitated, how can we behave like a Boddhisattva?

To save and guide others means to be a Boddhisattva. Who are the thousands of sentient beings? They are also our innumerable ancestors. 

Why do we eat this vegetable and not the other? Why do we select this particular thigh of a chicken among so many chickens? Do you see it?

When we take them in, they live inside us, and if we attain enlightenment through our spiritual practice, our innumerable ancestors will also attain salvation.

Therefore, they aspire to die through a human. An animal dies through a human. It gladly accepts it, in order to have the opportunity for further spiritual evolution. But if an animal is eaten by an evil person, what a pity, since it would need to undergo many reincarnations. Do you see it? 

Therefore, when we understand the original principle and turn toward spirituality, when we understand the value of a Boddhisattva, we will realize the importance of our spiritual practice on this earth.

For example, in your situation, you have a wife and children. If you do not have the heart of a Boddhisattva, then your children will perish, right?

You truly love them, you argue with your wife, you reprimand your children, but you love them. No word can describe your love, the love of a father, the love of a husband. We must use this point in order to develop ourselves further.

Our family foundation will not shake due to external circumstances, it will not be disturbed by gossips, and we will always utilize a lucid love to treat each other. Then, our society will turn out well in the future.

When we have good people, society will also be good. Here, we start from a small beginning, but we will harvest a valuable result in the future, it will be very good and realistic.

A Vo-Vi practitioner must be realistic!

Let's not use words that we cannot grasp, that we cannot understand.

We will only delude ourselves by doing so. We should only act in accordance with our understanding. We must truly comprehend the situation, we must understand the original principle, we must practice at all cost to achieve our goal.

Only then, we will be able to resolve our mental illness. Once we have resolved our mental illness, we will achieve true happiness.