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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Question: Why do we have to sit straight during meditation?

Answer: Our back must be straight, because our spine represents the micro-universe and relates to the macro-universe. If we do not sit straight, but slump down, we won't be able to practice correctly. Our spiritual energy won't be able to project out clearly. We must sit straight. Our back represents our micro-universe. We must sit straight. Then the energies of the fluids in our body will connect to produce spiritual energy, the water energy from the kidneys will develop, it will ascend to the brains, and our head will feel light. After the meditation session, we will have a good sleep, we will feel healthy and serene.

Question: The other spiritual methods have a clearly defined sitting position, but why does the Vô Vi method not have a clear policy on the sitting position?

Answer:  The Vô Vi method has a very clear policy. The policy of Vô Vi is that the practitioners must keep a straight spine, stand straight, sit straight. One should not lean or slump. One should not drowse and slump down, one should sit straight during the whole meditation session, otherwise, one should lie down to sleep. One should not force oneself to sit, but in fact one would slumber all the time. This is not the right way. You would not see any results. I have reminded people many times. I respect people, therefore, I only remind people, but I do not want to put them in a difficult situation. Many people want to sleep in a sitting position, but they doze and slump down, this is not correct. But I do not want to criticize them and cause discontent. I have reminded people constantly in my audio cassettes. I have repeated a million times. If you practice diligently the Cyclical Breathing exercise, filling the navel, filling the chest, up to the head, once your energy flows freely to your head, and you can focus the spiritual energy on the top of your head, you will no longer lean or slump, you will automatically sit straight.