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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

Excerpt From Vô Vi Convention 1998 - Alaska

Vô Vi practitioner:

Dear Master, did you encounter any difficulty when you started the practice of Concentration of Energy?

Answer by Master Vi-Kien:

When I started the exercise of Concentration of Energy, I was only able to practice for 2 to 3 minutes only.

I thought this was too difficult, too hard to practice, not possible. I went to visit Master Tư. I said I also practiced the Concentration of Energy, but I did not see anything, I could not sit long, and I perspired a lot.

Master Tư laughed and said: "You practice for your own good, you do not practice for my sake, so it's needless to complain." I felt shame, and strived harder in my practice.

"You practice for your own good, I do not get any benefit from that." 

He just said that, but I came home and practiced harder. I practiced the Vô Vi method day and night. I coerced myself and did not allow myself to sit on a good chair, instead I sat on a three-legged chair. I told myself: If you are stupid enough, you would fall and break your neck, but that's your fault. I tortured myself in that manner. 

I forced myself to sit on the three-legged chair, but while I sat on the three-legged chair, I could meditate very well, I felt very light. However, if I fell, I would certainly break my neck. So, I kept going.  While I meditated, my family kept scolding me, but I kept persevering. Because they thought I was crazy. I was doing something strange that nobody did. At midnight, sitting in that way. It was a round stool, even a small distraction can make you fall and break your neck, but I kept doing it.

The most important is our resolve to practice the Vô Vi method.

When we are determined, we will get good results. I see that my resolve helps me conquer all obstacles in my family. From young to old, everyone advised me to abandon the practice, so they scolded and disturbed me. Because they loved me, not because they hated me. I knew that they loved me and wanted me to abandon the practice, and that, instead, I should go into a pagoda to become a monk.

What kind of spiritual practice is that? Why don't you wear a yellow robe, but keep meditating at home like that? It is better to get a dog to guard the house than to feed you rice and see how you sit there, plugging your ears, sitting in the middle of the house.

I made my family angry and sad, but I told myself, that in this sad story, there was something mysterious, and I was determined to understand and succeed, so that everyone would agree with me.

I was determined to practice, and I cultivate myself spiritually until this day thanks to my determination. I never change my mind. At any price, I keep this single path.

When I was in Viet Nam, I opened my house to everyone, whether they came to perturb me with their curses and black magic, I always thanked them.

If I am not living in order to help people, then just go ahead and kill me. Why let me live to harm others?

Those people tried hard to harm me, but eventually, they failed. I am lucky to live till today, and I will keep practicing the Vô Vi method fully until my last breath. I am fully determined to never change my mind. Therefore, the World Above has granted to me the spiritual name "VĨ Kiên" ( Vĩ: Grand, Kiên: Perseverance)

The Immortals asked me to stand straight and attested to me that from now on, I should change my name to Vĩ Kiên. But in my ID card, my name is still Lương Sĩ Hằng. People can call me the way they like. But the World Above has certified my name to be Vĩ Kiên, and I am not allowed to change.

I always dedicate myself to spiritual cultivation, whether I have any possessions or nothing. Whether I have one meal or having no food nor drink, I have to cultivate myself spiritually, there is no other way.

Therefore, I see that as I grow older, my will is even stronger. I work more that in my youth, I work a lot without resting, but I never feel tired, and I never feel discouraged.

I am grateful for the Vô Vi method that has helped me. I am very grateful for the circumstances that have molded me constructively to become the person of today.

From my family to my former teacher, I always think and love everyone, and I wish that everyone should strive to practice to develop themselves positively.