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Xem bài viết bằng Tiếng Việt

NAM-MO-A-DI-DA-PHAT and The Human Microcosm

Seminar 1 – Vĩ Kiên Meditation Center– 15 April, 1986


Question: Dear Master, please explain to us the effects of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat on our microcosm?


Answer by Master Vi-Kien:

In order to understand the effects of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat, we need to understand the vibratory sounds clearly.

When you have practiced the Cyclical Breathing until your energy flows freely, you will be able to breathe in as much as you want in an easy manner.

At that time, when you mentally invoke the phoneme NAM…. you will feel the energy vibration pulsating and this point will return to its true origin.

Eventually, you need to follow this vibration and the light it emits.

Once our Cyclical Breathing is totally unblocked, when we mentally invoke NAM…. it will end at the point between the eyebrows, it cannot move any higher.

The final sound of the phoneme, the energy vibration of this sound must reside at this point, and it will open further.

Therefore, Vô-Vi practitioners who have practiced the Concentration of Energy regularly will eventually feel a heaviness and a spinning wheel at this point.

What is spinning at that point? The whole day, we want to close our eyes and feel the spinning motion at that point. It means that we had some success in the mental invocation of the phoneme NAM, and it has started to open further.

Next, the phoneme MÔ….. It will finally concentrate at this point (center top of the head).

Therefore, these are all energy vibrations, not just words.

Words are only a small part of it. Words still belong to the impure sphere, while the energy vibrations of the final resonances of these phonemes will lead to the sphere of purity.

Therefore, those who practice the mental invocation of NAM-MO-A-DI-DA-PHAT regularly and for a long time, will feel at ease, healthy, and serene.

In contrast, if one invokes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, even if one counts until 100, one cannot feel the tranquility.

Because these sounds are random and disorderly, they do not have the capacity for spiritual development.

The mental invocation of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat has the capacity of developing the energy centers.

When we practice the mental invocation of Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat, it will open from one energy center to another.

The 6 energy centers: Isn’t it an energy center here? (between the eyebrows). Isn’t it an energy center here? (Center top of head). Isn’t it an energy center here? (between the kidneys). Isn’t it an energy center here? (the heart). Now if you scratch your skin all over your body, it will bleed everywhere and one can even die, so this is also an energy center of the whole body, and finally, isn’t the navel also an energy center?

When the Six Energy Centers are developed, one can be called a disciple of Buddha.

If the Six Energy Centers are still blocked, one only talks about Buddha, but does not understand Buddha.

It means that one claims to be a spiritual adept, but one lacks spiritual practice.

We can see it clearly.

Therefore, once we have practiced the mental invocation, we can feel NAM here, MO here, A here, Di here, DA circulating everywhere, PHAT here.

Once you are able to practice the mental invocation within serenity, you will clearly see the 6 chakras.

We need to practice to prove it, and not just talking about it.

We need to practice to prove it.

Many people were able to see these chakras thanks to their practice. 

Once you are able to mentally invoke Nam-Mo-A-Di-Da-Phat with success, when you look at yourselves in the mirror, you will see that your face looks young and fresh.

At the beginning of our Vô-Vi practice, we did not look youthful, but now we do. 

Now, everyone sitting in this room, don’t they all look youthful?

If we review the videotape, we can see clearly that everyone looks youthful.

What makes us look youthful? The abundance of spiritual energy.

When our spiritual energy is plentiful, it can elevate itself to the World Above, and the World Above will bestow upon us an aura, which makes us happy, pure and light. The faces of Vô-Vi practitioners are rosy, pure and light.

They look very rich, but in fact, they don’t have a penny.

People believe that they must eat rich meals. In fact, they only eat ordinary foods, but their faces are youthful.

Many people look at them and comment: “Oh, they must earn a ton of money, they all look happy and youthful!”

Not a single penny! Vô-Vi adepts contribute each a little money to enjoy a meal together, nothing really important. Do you see it?

What is most important? Is money most important or spiritual energy?

Human life depends on energy. Without the pure energy and pure air, there is no life.

So, isn’t spiritual energy most important? If you can consume spiritual energy, you will be richer than a wealthy person.

A wealthy person has money, but he only eats intermediary foods.

He kills a chicken to eat, he kills a duck to eat. But when these animals enter his body, they bring agitation in their blood and harm his body without his knowledge. 

Consequently, he endures illnesses. If you want to know, you can visit a hospital to ask.

His illnesses all come from eating good tasting foods, rich foods, but he would become ill.

In contrast, Vô-Vi friends eat ordinary foods but they look youthful.

Isn’t it correct that spiritual energy brings youthfulness to you?

Money does not bring you youthfulness.

We don’t have much money. You may eat for 1, 2, or at most 3 dollars.

In contrast, people eat 50 dollars at one time without seeing any result. Why do you look fresh-faced? You all look youthful. Why? Isn’t it from the spiritual energy?

Therefore, we possess riches since many lifetimes, but we do not know how to return to that place to enjoy them.

Therefore, when you practice this Vô-Vi method, you have made a very smart choice.

I return to my true homeland to use my own money, I do not beg for it, I do not need to beg for an image or a paper bill printed on earth.

I only need some simple means for living on earth, while I am consuming the most important.

I return to the money vault from Heaven to consume it.

The fire stove of God is better, it brings more warmth.

The more I think about God, the more I advance toward God, the more my soul feels the warmth and contentment.

It means that I am releasing my karma. Do you see it?

God possesses much more than I do…

If I have a karma of heart and hold to it, I will feel distressed. In contrast, if I purify myself in order to enjoy the spiritual energy, I will free myself of my karma.

I release my karma. My Divine Father has everything, I do not need to beg from you.

We can live with 5 dollars alone, while people have 500 dollars but they are still in debt.

Do you see this point? In addition, our face looks happy.

When we tell people about it, they see that we are much lighter than they do. Clearly.

They see that we are ahead of them, because they clearly see that they did not have any money when coming to earth.

When they descend on earth, they are empty-handed, and their faces are happy and fresh like those of Vô-Vi practitioners.

But today, their faces are distorted because of their agitation, because they are enslaved by money, like having a millstone tied around their neck.

At that time, they would realize that Emptiness is the most important. The current possessions will eventually return to Emptiness.